About us

The friendliest Choir in Harrogate, The Stray notes is a Community Choir with a big heart where learning is made easy and everyone is welcome.

The Stray in Harrogate is a truly special place. In all seasons ‘The Stray’ makes you smile, a place to get away from it all, where everyone’s welcome and kindred spirits come together to make the most of life.

We feel the same way about our choir… that’s why we’re called ‘The Stray Notes’. Singing in the shower is good for the soul, but singing in harmony with a group of wonderful friends is even better. For a couple of hours each week, singing with The Stray Notes choir in Harrogate is a great way to relax and boost your mood.

Music is provided for every song as well as practice tracks to help you learn. You won’t need to audition or to read music as there is always plenty of chance to pick up your part ….. we don’t mind the odd stray note either!

Our Musical Director, Liz Linfoot keeps rehearsals light hearted and always makes sure that there is time to sing through the ‘old favourites’ as well as learning new songs.

Why not experience The Stray Notes for yourself? Just come along to our choir rehearsals in Harrogate and you’ll be provided will a full set of music and receive a warm ‘Stray Notes’ welcome.

If you want to join a Harrogate choir, Contact us to book a taster session now.